Converting your 35mm slides to digital images

We attended my wife’s class reunion this past summer and it is amazing after 20 years to see how much people have changed from their high school days. They did the usual meet and greet and golf outing on a Saturday and the evening dinner. What was different is that they provided a digital cd of a high school slide show that was created during their senior year where everyone turned in 35mm slides of their best memories of high school. They were able to take and convert these old slides to a digital format and preserve them digitally and then put them to some of the hits of the 1980’s. While they had them done at a local print/camera shop for about $2 each there are companies that will do the photo scanning and conversion for you. For just pennies you can now conveniently convert your 35mm slides to a digital format to share or store. I am thinking that this would be a great gift for those who have friends and family that are still holding onto those 35mm slides and want to be able to view them on their computer or laptop and not have to break out the projector anytime they want to see Uncle Mel dressed up as a Santa Claus.

For those that are looking to save some money while putting on their class reunion you can find companies like that will take your hard copy photos or 35mm digital slides and convert them to a digital format. You can submit your photos or slides and they will then scan and give you the option to keep the ones you want and only pay for those. This is a great investment not only for class reunions but for those family reunions where you are looking to created DVD’s and want the ability to take your old family photos and create a slide show that will help preserve your memories.