Children need to eventually grow up

So, in my zest to change, I decide to take a hiatus from Facebook, get more hours sleep (you lose weight when you sleep, by the way), walk more, and eat right. So, that’s what I’m doing. I don’t have a walking regimen worked out yet. For the record replica oakleys, I thought it was reprehensible that during the invocation before the Watkins Glen race, not a word was uttered about Ward, Jr., no prayers, no moments of silence. Maybe that’s because as Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Knows and says, “Death is a part of the sport.” Maybe they are casual when it comes to these sorts of fatalities.

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cheap oakley sunglasses Fast forward another 10 years and now you have a 24 year old college graduate who thinks they can change the world into a theoretical utopia if only everyone just got along and about their problems; and that more government, more laws, more taxes, can make this all happen miraculously.No harm done? Unfortunately the harm has already been done. Children need to eventually grow up, but we now have a generation of young people who think we should live in a nanny state where provide everything so that everyone can live carefree, idyllic, childlike lives as adults.If my daughter wanted to bring a jet or tank or GI Joe to preschool, that would be fine with me. The men and women who serve in our military branches have each made a conscious choice, as an adult, to put themselves in harm way in order to protect our country, and they have my utmost respect and admiration cheap oakley sunglasses.