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Queiroz rails at Spanish attempts ‘to naturalise Ronaldo’

Manchester United’s assistant manager Carlos Queiroz canada goose coat 1000 has launched a bizarre attack on Real Madrid and the Spanish nation in general regarding what he conceives canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day meal plan as attempts to “naturalise” Cristiano Ronaldo. Madrid have made no secret of their desire to recruit Ronaldo canada goose canada outlet, prompting United to consider reporting them to Fifa, but average price of canada goose jacket Queiroz feels Madrid’s courting of the player is about more than their wish to sign him, claiming it is part of the best mens canada goose jacket long history and rivalry between Portugal and Spain.

“Cristiano Ronaldo will never be Spanish, as they will never take Olivenca again,” he said, referring to the small town on the disputed border between the two countries. “They already did the same with Christopher Columbus, and it now seems they average price of canada goose jacket want to naturalise Cristiano Ronaldo. Have they already forgotten what we did to them in the buy canada goose coat uk past? We will never lose our patience.”

With Portugal preparing for Euro 2008, Queiroz knows the canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews furore surrounding Ronaldo’s future could not have come at a worse time. “It’s being done in a manner to distract the Portugal team, at the height of their preparations for the European Championships,” he told the canada goose coat 1000 bulbs best canada goose jacket for men Portuguese newspaper Jornal do Noticias. “But I am convinced that despite average cost canada goose jacket pressure from the Spanish sporting press he will not accept to change his nationality.

“However, it is an attack with a well-defined strategy and Portugal should be worried about that.”