Be prepared when you go camping with canvas tarps

Camping is more than just spending time with nature. Campers often like to hunt and fish while they’re taking a break from the hectic and everyday world we live in today. A hunter will need water to clean a fresh kill and obviously a camper who fishes will need some deep water areas to satisfy their desire to land the big one. Keeping the water away from dry clothing, our sleeping areas, and other places is the goal of every camper. Many will pack waterproof canvas tarps to help provide shelter from the wind and rain. Heavy duty tarps are essential in camping tool kit to help you enjoy the outdoors.

Now winter camping trips in a camper don’t count. You have to sleep in a tent or a sleeping bag on the ground with the help of a sturdy canvas tarp that can not only protect against the wind, but add some warmth to your tent if used correctly.  Many will take their RV or camper up into the mountains to help pack some of their gear up to the camp site. Some of the steep roads going to campground areas can be a nightmare in the winter time and especially if a little rain or snow starts to form ice on the roadways. It can quickly become a dangerous situation and don’t think the heavy weight of an RV will keep you from sliding off the road. You see the big 18 wheeler trucks wrecking all the time and no vehicle is prone to icy roads. Save your big fancy camper for the summer time and leave the winter camping to those that brave nature’s cold nights in tents.

On our camping trips we only allow one luxury item. One luxury item is allowed for a camping trip and the radio without earphones is your one luxury item. If you start allowing too many luxury items, it spoils what a camping trip is meant for. I know everyone has their own definition, but the more rugged it is, the better you will appreciate the modern things we get to use everyday. That pillow on your bed and your soft mattress gets taken for granted daily. Now try sleeping without them for one night and you will understand how lucky we are to have beds and pillows. Now go get with your friends and plan out a camping trip for this February or March. Be safe out there and make sure to pack more than you would for a summer camping trip.