BassBuds the new bling in headphones

I have noticed that earphones for MP3 players and smartphones have gotten bigger and are now approaching the styles seen back in the 1970’s. While this may be your style there are some great new options for great sound and even better looks. I was given the opportunity to try out the new BassBuds and from the initial sounds quality to style I am hooked. With over 20 colors to choose from you are sure to find a style that will fit your needs. They provide high end sound with being a distraction. With their Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology that uses a micro filter for extra clear sound you get distinct sounds and bass. With controls that are built into the cord of the Bass Buds you can skip tracks on your smartphone or MP3 player and they even have a answer/end call control function. By the way this works great with Siri on my iPhone while jogging. I took these earphones with me on my run and it was cool to just skip through songs while having my iPhone in my carrier . Bassbuds have  Swarovski ® crystals that really make a statement without screaming hey look at my head like some of the more bulkier headphones on the market do. Plus the cost for these stylish headphones are about the half price of some of the headphones on the market.

You get a range of different earpieces so that you will find the best for your ears. And one of the huge pluses for me was the set of memory foam ear buds that came with the set. If you have ever tried to jam the plastic ear  pieces in your ear and found that the earpiece was just to uncomfortable then you have to try the memory phone ear buds. The new kid on the block is sure to be a hit with any age group and you will not be disappointed with the sound quality.

BassBuds Features

  • Intergrated Microphone with Call/MP3 Controller
  • Answer/End Call Control
  • Play/ Pause your MP3 Player
  • Skip Forwards and Backwards through your music
  • Activate voice control commands.
  • Compatible with all Smart Phones
  • Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology
  • Precision-cut, high quality, light-weight and balanced aluminium housing
  • Anti-Tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable
  • FREE Stylish and Protective Storage Bag
  • FREE Black, White and Memory Foam Earbuds in 3 sizes
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity
  • One of the largest earphone colour ranges in the world!
  • Choose from our Classics Collection or 2012 Fashion Collection