As for conventional mass based weapons

Mulan: She has the biggest predicament, as the one symbol really associated with her is reflections; not even mirrors, but just the phenomena itself (although some tangible objects could be used like her sword, medal, or lotus comb, none ever stuck to the public consciousness). She generally is just represented with something that looks Chinese.

Replica Designer Handbags For most people, a unique once in a lifetime occurrence is a rare event that may have long lasting consequences. For others, it’s almost routine. When extraordinary things happen to otherwise normal people with alarming frequency, they’re Coincidence Magnets. Separate from Weirdness Magnet in that the unlikely things that keep happening aren’t supernatural or paranormal in origin; they’re perfectly reasonable things that could easily be coincidences, except for the fact that they’re staggeringly unlikely and they just keep happening to otherwise normal people. If you discover your neighbor is actually a werewolf, at which point you’re both abducted by aliens, and you escape only to stumble into the war against The Legions of Hell, you might be a Weirdness Magnet. If your girlfriend comes down with a disease afflicting only a handful of people on the planet, but you’re able to afford the cure by winning the lottery, and then secret agents start trying to kill you because of the classified information hidden in the used car you just bought, which is eventually destroyed by a meteorite striking it with just enough force to reduce it to cinders while leaving everything around it completely untouched, you’re probably a Coincidence Magnet. Replica Designer Handbags

Hermes Replica Handbags Immune to Bullets: You need a lot of magical power, like high end conventional to tacnuke level, to hurt a Seed. As for conventional mass based weapons, nothing smaller than a RPG will even scratch them. Implacable Man: The Seeds of Leviathan. Insistent Terminology: Sara insisting that she’s an Evil Genius, not a Mad Scientist. Hermes Replica Handbags

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