Apply for the Woodrow Wilson teaching fellow

Our education system is under constant change as each state and school district try to manage limited budgets while providing cutting edge education for their students. Many states have instituted state wide testing programs to gauge the success and progress of the learning of their students. Many students that are in rural or high needs schools lack the attention and focus to help them grow in key areas. This is why I when I was reading about the Woodrow Wilson teaching fellows program it really caught my eye. It is estimated that by 2015 there will be a need for over 280,000 math and science teachers to fill the gap in educating our kids. The race to raise the bar in our schools around these technical skills is growing and being able to teach our kids more than just the basic of reading, writing, and arithmetic needs to improve.
The program has funding for 30 fellows that provides up to $30,000 stipend for those that are accepted. Their goal is to strengthen and develop educators in STEM fields (science,technology,engineering and math). The program is designed for new graduates and those who are looking to make a career change. While current educators are not discouraged to apply there is a application process and all will be considered. While receiving high level training and guidance during the masters program you will be placed in high need or rural schools. The commitment for receiving this scholarship also asks that once you obtain your masters degree that you commit to three years in a high need school. Currently there are three states that are participating in this scholarship program which are Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. If you are looking to make a career change and what to help raise the bar in educating our children then apply for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships program today.