All 380 tubes had to be removed and replaced

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canada goose vest sale SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNB Power has agreed to negotiate with its insurers this fall to try and settle multi million dollar claims for delays and cost overruns during the Point Lepreau refurbishment, even as the utility copes with ongoing performance problems at the rebuilt nuclear plant.”The parties in the present action have agreed to participate in a mediation in November 2017,” wrote NB Power’s lead lawyer Kenneth Cheap Canada Goose McCullogh in a letter to Court of Queen’s Bench clerk Amanda Evans about the dispute late last month.”If that effort is unsuccessful we expect the discovery process to be completed by the end of Q2 (June) 2018 and that shortly thereafter the matter will be ready to be entered for trial.”Gallant government silent on federal claims for cost overruns at Point LepreauPoint Lepreau lawsuits may finally go to trial this yearEight insurance companies, led by Lloyd’s Underwriting, refused to pay for damage to the reactor’s outer shell, known as the calandria, when it was improperly polished using coarse wire brushes during the refurbishment in 2009.The polishing caused microscopic scratching and when new tubes were fitted into the calandria the scratches led to large numbers of the tubes flunking critical air leak tests.All 380 tubes had to be removed and replaced, a setback that added 22 months to the project and hiked costs by hundreds of millions of dollars.The insurance companies rejected claims the calandria had been “accidentally physically damaged” by the polishing mistake and instead blamed negligence by NB Power and its contractor Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL).$1B over budgetLawsuits by both NB Power and AECL were filed 64 months ago and have already dragged on longer than the refurbishment itself, which ballooned into a four and a half year ordeal. It ran three years canada goose sale longer than expected and went $1 billion over budget.NB Power’s claim against the insurers is for $320.1 million just a portion of the cost overruns encountered during the refurbishment.New Brunswick Liberals campaigned in 2014 on also pressing Ottawa for compensation, given that AECL was a federal Crown corporation during the refurbishment, but have since declined to answer questions on the subject.As of March 31 this year it has operated 194 days less than NB Power originally projected for its first five years, costing nearly $200 million in reduced production.. canada goose vest sale

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