According to research, about 21% of the guests that were

These two charts send a very clear message: how easy it is to do business internationally can change significantly depending on which country you are in. One of the reasons for that is the courts. If you need to take a debtor to court to collect on a debt or resolve an insolvency issue, some countries (Japan, Germany, etc.) have legal systems that will make the process simple and painless.

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Among them was a deadly serpent, so huge and different that no species of its kind was known to exist before. This serpentine dragon was named ‘Python’, and it straddled across the mountainous regions. It was known to kill the humans and so, they were extremely terrified with it.” With this kind of description of the monster, Ovid seems to be creating an apt background against which, Apollo, as its slayer, would look like a savior of humanity..

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