A short story on Angus Reed

I wanted to a quick run down on a business person that resides in Australia but has international experience. Angus Reed originally started out in the field of accounting, but later found his passion in real estate and land development. He is passionate about rugby and the Carlton Football Club. Carlton is one of the best clubs in the world having won over 16 championships. Along with his family he also donates to local charities and enjoys art and architecture.

He started Prudentia as a growing development and investment firm to help fulfill his vision of becoming a premiere leader in development and the building industry. His projects have taken him to countries like Dubai and the far reaches of the outback. He teamed up with Nu Energy to help invest in and develop some of their solar energy technology to harness the Australian sun and make homes more energy efficient.

Through his partnership with Nu energy his company has started the development of several sustainable housing projects that take advantage of the nearby resources and making sure that their footprint is minimal while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The info graphic below shows the growing demand in the inclusion of reusable energy in homes and buildings and this is something Angus Reed has shown and increased investment.

Most businesses are more concerned about profits and forget about their social responsibility to create jobs and not destroy the environment in which they work and live. Angus Reed and his company Prudentia have set out on a mission to partner with energy saving technologies and then transfer those learning’s and technologies into their developments. As you can see below the impact of one home with a solar system can reduce pollution and over 4,ooo lbs. of sulfur dioxide from entering the air. The impact that can be made by builders and investors to start now and not wait for the next best thing will make this world a better place today and tomorrow.