A faster PC for online gaming

When I first started playing games online I was surfing on a PC with 256 RAM, Intel processor and a 1 MB video card. Not to mention I was on a 56K modem all this while trying to play against others in the hit game Doom. It was frustrating to watch as my character crept along the screen and other players seemed to be on nitro as they came out of nowhere and sped off just as fast. Even in today’s broadband world I have played some of the more popular MPG and still feel like I am getting killed in speed and game play. For serious gamer’s there are gaming pcs built specifically for those that play games online with higher end video specs, RAM, and the latest Intel processors.
The folks at Beta Force PC have been building gaming PC’s for the past few years and offer a wide range of systems to help you find the right solution and price point for your online gaming needs. They also build high end laptops specifically tailored to your online gaming needs. With more content being pushed over the broadband and now fiber optics lines your computer needs to be just as fast in order to realize the full potential of the games and videos.  In addition to their lightning fast performance these PC’s and Laptops are just cool to look at. They also offer a 3 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all the systems that they sell. There everyday pricing is competitive so there is no need to wait for a special promotion. You can try and gather separate components on your own, but why not let the experts at Beta Force PC do all the hard work for you to work out any compatible issues in both the hardware and software side of the PC.