A conversation with my daughter

It seems like today’s kids are growing up so quickly and their dress and appearance is making them look older . I am talking about the various piercings and tattoos that seem to be appearing on younger and younger kids. My 12 year old daughter has been asking my wife and I for a second ear piercing and so far we have not given in. She comes home from a friends house where she sees a pic of one of her friends on Instagram showing a pierced naval. The conversation turns to why she can’t get a second piercing for her ears. I tried to explain to her that permanent things like piercings and tattoos are something that she will live with for the rest of her life and there may come a time when they are not that cool and you could be stuck with it.

hair_featherI asked her why she wanted to do the same thing her friends were doing and she said that she was not necessarily wanting what her friends had, but wanted to be able to have her own style. So we looked at pics online of Fine Featherheads colorful hair pieces that come in a lot of different shades and styles that can easily be added or removed from her hair. This gives girls of all ages to create their own look while not permanently altering their bodies. She had seen these hair extensions at a craft show and was actually very interested at the time. Now I think I have her refocused on doing something simple to her hair that she can take out at anytime and create her own style and look.